Sunrise ↠ Sunset

On the water before the sunrise touches the horizon; on the water when the moon peaks overhead.  To live my passion, and inspire other anglers is my mission. 


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Fishing crazy and adventure driven, everything outdoors is my passion. Conveying that passion through writing about my adventures, and sharing big fish is how I love to connect. I fish solo, with friends, from a kayak, from a boat, on shore or ice--  it does not matter. When I am on the water, what does matter, is perseverance-- and what is right before me...

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Whether it is -25° F with cold winds slicing through your hands as they grip tightly to an ice rod, a spring thunderstorm unleashing just as you battle a monster fish in your kayak, or the perfect calm, summer evening when all that is heard is the hum of cicadas and your reel spooling as you wait impatiently for something to interrupt-- all have a place in our heart as anglers. The fish and subsequently pictures, are my way of sharing these moments with you...



From the small ponds of Nebraska, to the rivers of Tennessee, to the high mountain lakes of Utah, and everything in between, these fish drive me to incredible places on "fly by night" missions for what lurks beneath. 

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